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GE SCS2000 SilPruf Sealant - 10 Ounce Cartridge

Item #: GE2000.SC

Mfr. Part #: SCS2000-SC1

Ensure resilient, long-lasting joint strength in new or remedial applications with GE SCS2000 SilPruf sealant. GE SCS2000 SilPruf sealant creates an air and water tight barrier to help protect window perimeters, punched openings, flashings, and other critical junctions to ad...

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Ensure resilient, long-lasting joint strength in new or remedial applications with GE SCS2000 SilPruf sealant. GE SCS2000 SilPruf sealant creates an air and water tight barrier to help protect window perimeters, punched openings, flashings, and other critical junctions to adhere to most construction surfaces or substrates. Supplied as a paste (silicone rubber joint sealant), this 100% silicone, versatile sealant cures to a durable seal, with the movement capabilities required to enable the most complex designs. GE SCS2000 SilPruf maintains its flexibility and strength, even after decades of exposure to weather and UV radiation - with the elasticity required to handle high-force winds and severe impact.

You can be confident in the long lasting performance and capabilities of GE SCS2000 Silpruf in multiple weatherproofing applications to reliably withstand most weather conditions. Maintenance is easy with a simple cleaning solution of soap and water along with a light wipe down of the silicone sealants.

GE Silicone SCS2000 sealant has great versatility of uses within the GE product systems such as GE Enduris Roof Coatings, GE Elemax Air and Water-Resistive barrier Coating, most structural glazing applications, and architectural wall coatings. Some typical applications include: water resistive barriers for open joint cladding designs, detail sealant for roof coatings, edge or butt joints, interior or exterior seals, structural waterproofing glass systems, adhering pre-cured silicone weatherstripping, and general weather sealing construction applications.

Equivalent to Dow Corning 795, Tremco Spectrem 2, Sikasil WS-295, and Pecora 895NST (Structural Silicone Sealants: 1-part neutral, medium modulus, class 50 (Tremco 2-sided only)


  • Exceptional durability, with high-tensile strength, elasticity and tear resistance
  • Proven, long-term resistance to extreme temperatures, UV radiation, rain, snow, and wind with negligible change in elasticity
  • Capacity to absorb high deformations
  • Once cured, remains elastic in temperatures from –55°F (-48°C) to 250°F (121°C)
  • Variety of colors including custom colors for structural applications
  • ±50% movement capacity, with excellent extension and compression cycling recovery
  • Candidate for hurricane impact and other Protective Glazing applications
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compound)
  • Exceeds LEED requirements


  • Primerless adhesion to most non-porous substrates and finishes
  • Stable consistency regardless of temperature. Easy to gun and tool in hot and cold conditions
  • Extend work life to allow time for placement and tooling, and to aid in field repairs
  • Low-sag formula remains in place until fully cured

SCS2000 SilPruf sealant securely bonds to many substrates and finishes, including glass, polycarbonate, vinyl, plastics, wood, paints, coated and anodized aluminum, concrete, brick, wood, terracotta, natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, and EIFS. Some finishes may require a primer.

SCS2000 SilPruf sealant is backed by world-class technical support and GE's project-specific warranty program located in North America.


Applicable Standards

American Society for Testing & Materials International

  • ASTM C920 Standard Specification for Elastomeric Joint Sealants; Type S, Grade NS, Class 50, Use A, G, M, O, NT
  • ASTM C1184 Standard Specification for Structural Silicone Sealants; Type S, Use G & O

U.S. Federal Specifications - (widely referenced but cancelled Sept. 1996)

  • TT-S-001543A Sealing Compound: Silicone Rubber Base (for Caulking, Sealing & Glazing in Buildings and Other Structures
  • TT-S-00230C Sealing Compound: Elastomeric Type, Single Component (for Caulking, Sealing & Glazing in Buildings and Other Structures

Canadian General Standards Board currently inactive

  • CGSB-19.13-M87 Sealing Compound, One-Component, Elastomeric, Chemical Curing
  • GE SCS2000 sealant carries SWR Institute validation at ±50% movement.

Colors - GE SCS2000 Silpruf Sealant Color Chart

  • White SCS2002
  • Black SCS2003
  • Limestone SCS2004
  • Light Grey SCS2008
  • Aluminum Grey SCS2009
  • Medium Grey SCS2007
  • Dark Grey SCS2010
  • Precast White SCS2020
  • Bronze SCS2097
  • Earth Tone SCS2040
  • Red Brick SCS2041
  • Champagne SCS2046
  • Sandy Beige SCS2000.0148


GE SCS2000 SilPruf sealant offers world-class technical support specialists and a project-specific warranty program. Warranty requests must be submitted prior to the start of your project and certain project requirements may exist. You can view and download the warranty request form from GE Silicones here: GE Silicones Warranty Request Form


GE SilPruf SCS2000 Sealant Documents


GE SilPruf SCS2000 Sealant Specifications

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