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Sunshine Supply Company Incorporated was founded in 1971 to furnish materials that waterproof buildings. At the time, a need was seen for a specialty supplier who understood the technology, chemistry, and application of sealants that was knowledgeable about construction as well. Products were carefully researched and selected for their quality, support, and cutting-edge performance. The architectural community was strongly supported by offering plan reviews, training presentations, and jobsite trouble shooting at the construction phase or in later leak detection. We have often said that our products are intended to prevent water intrusion and correct leakage but not to forgive bad construction or design.

Since our founding in 1971, this philosophy has not changed. We are still providing systems that waterproof buildings and solve problems. We still offer training for contractors, owners, and architects to share our experience and knowledge. We have fine products from fine suppliers from whom we are proud to purchase. The best of our customers all have pride in their work and we have pride and confidence in them. We continue to make jobsite inspections without charge to assist in decision making. Is this philosophy successful? It is the basis of our highly successful growth. We are proud to have established a reputation for stability, integrity, and quality of product and service.

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