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GE USM Silicone Inside Corner - Clear


Mfr. Part #: 121100

Protect and seal every part of your building envelope with confidence, with UltraSpan UST/USM silicone accessories. GE UST2200 transition sheets and USM corners are low modulus pre-cured silicone rubber accessories for flashing and transition applications in the GE Elemax 10...

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About This Product


Protect and seal every part of your building envelope with confidence, with UltraSpan UST/USM silicone accessories. GE UST2200 transition sheets and USM corners are low modulus pre-cured silicone rubber accessories for flashing and transition applications in the GE Elemax 100% silicone air & water-resistive barrier system.

With UltraSpan UST/USM silicone accessories (Ultimate Tensile Strength/Ultimate Silicone Molded), you can protect and seal every part of your building envelope with confidence. UltraSpan strips, sheets, and corners form an enduring weatherproof seal in flashing and transitions applications.

  • Pre-cured, transition sheets, strips, and corners
  • 100% silicone
  • Low modulus, pre-cured material flexes in unison with substrate surfaces
  • Maintains flexibility at transitions and joints
  • Excellent long-term resistance to UV radiation, extreme temperatures, rain, and snow with negligible changes in elasticity
  • Stable in extreme temperatures, from -55° to 400°F (-48°C to 204°C)
  • Allows barrier systems to breathe, not just coated wall areas

UltraSpan UST/USM silicone accessories offers the ultimate in long-term performance. Pre-cured silicone rubber is resistant to UV radiation and extreme temperatures. It does not become brittle in cold or soften in heat, decade after decade.


  • Fully compatible with all AWB and system sealants, liquid flashings, and coatings
  • Position by hand to seal in the appropriate Elemax sealant, liquid flashing, or other companion product, then firmly embed with roller, and trowel edges smooth
  • Translucent products visually evidence continuous contact with sealant or flashing

UltraSpan UST/USM silicone accessories securely bonds to substrates using Elemax Liquid Flashing, SilPruf sealant, SWS, or in some cases, Elemax 2600 coating.

UltraSpan UST/USM silicone accessories are backed by world-class technical support and extended warranties of up to 20 years when used with the Elemax system.


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GE USM Silicone Inside Corner Specifications

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