Epro Ecoshield PB 3.5' x 36' per Roll

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Basic Use

e.shield 205b has been specifically designed to provide maximum redundancy to E.Series systems requiring high performance building protection. Installed on under slab and shoring assemblies, e.shield 205b exemplifies EPRO’s redundant field installed composite design concept by combining a protective geotextile, a layer of high density polyethylene (HDPE), and bentonite into one sheet that serves as protection course for the remaining E.Series components. When combined into one system, this provides extraordinary protection from water, methane, and chemical vapor intrusion.


e.shield 205b is a redundant geocomposite bentonite membrane comprised of three distinct layers, a nonwoven polypropylene geotextile, an HDPE film, and then a chemically bonded layer of sodium montmorillonite bentonite.


  • Confines bentonite within membrane assembly to provide a redundant self-sealing layer
  • Fully adheres to concrete or shotcrete
  • High puncture resistance protects waterproofing from subsequent construction damage
  • When sealed properly, pre-activation prior to concrete placement will not occur


  • Should not be stored in the rain
  • Contaminated groundwater may inhibit performance and compatibility testing is required on all sites where contamination might be of concern

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