Elephant Armor Ultra High Performance Mortar per 10 Pound Unit

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Elephant Armor Mortar

Elephant Armor Ultra High-Performance Mortar was designed for easy,permanent patches and overlays. Elephant Armor is so revolutionary it makes all other cement-based mortars obsolete.

GST Elephant Armor Ultra High-Performance Mortar is a single component, cementitious, fiber reinforced, medium to fast setting patch and overlay repair mortar that can be placed with a textured roller (preferred method) or traditional placement tools. This ultra-high performance mortar with its high early and superior bond strength can be used for repair work, maintenance, or new construction. Applications include: walkways, curbs, ramps, slabs, spalls, cracks, bridges, parking structures, tunnels, dams, industrial plants or anywhere a high strength concrete repair mortar is called for.

Elephant Armor shrinkage compensated resulting in minimal shrinkage. It also maintains a strong resistance to de-icing salts, freeze-thaw cycles and abrasion. This varying slump mortar can be placed with a textured roller or traditional tools and shaped or molded to a minimum thickness of ¼”.

Elephant Armor Ultra High-Performance Mortar can be used for structural monolithic overlays for interior and exterior applications. Elephant Armor can also be used as a structural underlayment for other materials such as self-levelers, trowel coats and epoxies. It has unparalleled structural flexibility and tensile strength and can be used to create seamless floors without control or expansion joints.

Specially engineered as a patch or overlay product that offers tremendous flexural and tensile performance as thin as 1/4".High ductility, allowing the overlay or patch to ‘FLEX’ without failure.


  • Superior tensile strain capacity of other cement-based products
  • 10 times the bond strength of other fiber based mortars for superior crack resistance
  • Up to 4,000 psi in 4 hours
  • The unique chemistry of Elephant Armor makes it resistant to UV rays, chemicals and provides an expected life of 100 years
  • Prevents the propagation of existing cracks through the surface
  • Resists de-icing salts, freeze/thaw
  • High abrasion resistance
  • No harmful chemicals, acrylics or epoxies are used
  • Zero slump to flowable is adjusted onsite by controlling the added water.

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